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Be The Judge

Be The Judge
Be The Judge


An extremely entertaining variation of the brain quiz game is called Be The Judge. Your brain will be blown by the challenging riddles and puzzles where you will solve the secret. You'll adore this game if you've played the brainteaser Braindom 2. Find the proof, determine who is at fault, and determine why they committed the crime.

Are you prepared to investigate the incident and look for the primary causes behind it? In this game of law and justice, unravel the mystery of the crime, determine who is guilty and who is innocent, and make the cases public. In this game of object searching, master puzzles.

Everyday life is filled with so many mishaps and occurrences that anyone could come under suspicion. Someone is apprehended on suspicion of a crime every day, every second, and is brought before the judge. How do you behave? Will you be merciless in your reign or will you be compassionate toward them, using your intellect and conscience to weigh the evidence? But as a detective, you should first look for the proof. In this object-hunting game, you are prepared to judge once you have uncovered the hints and resolved the mystery.

Once you are aware of the facts, you can decide whether to find someone guilty or not guilty. The suspects vandalized property, robbed a bank, stole a bicycle, disturbed the peace in a public area, and stole property. Discover hidden items or hints to unlock the mystery.

You can put yourself in their shoes by completing the additional levels. There are times when saving one person while the other is in danger is the right thing to do. In these situations, will you act morally?

Will you render a just verdict? Are you prepared to act morally?

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